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(March 21 - April 19)

May 2021

Your emphasis for this month will shift to career, finances, and personal income as the Sun transits through your second house and the Red Planet continues in your solar tenth house. You will receive much satisfaction from your work place as some new ideas to increase your personal resources will be presented to you. This month the need for the material control and success is strong, as is the drive for financial independence. A certain joint financial matter will need to be solved by the end of the third week. Later on, you will likely seek out an improved financial situation. Do not run to buy a lotto ticket, it is more likely that the financial luck is very much in your own hands. By the 19th, you could be in a position to negotiate an increase in your current earnings, or a new salary for a new job. Then, with Mars already in your eleventh house and with Sun and some planets in your third house of communication, your luck could be directed toward your immediate environment. This concerns the interaction with people you casually deal with on a daily basis, such as neighbors, friends and colleagues.

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