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(March 21 - April 19)

February 2020

The Mars in the ninth house of your chart shows an active interest in travel and religious or philosophical causes. You will have the courage of your convictions and a forceful approach to promoting your ideas. You can sway others to your beliefs with sheer enthusiasm, and you become very upset and impatient when you can not. When it comes to travel, you are adventurous now, and if the means are available, you will spend a good deal of time traveling abroad. You will be aggressive in your pursuit of education and personal development. As the Sun and Mercury travel through your solar eleventh house, the support of friends is a paramount issue now. On the other hand, the self becomes sacrificed for the achievement of broad goals and objectives. There could be a stronger idealistic tendency about you, but try not to let this get out of hand. You will interact well with others. You will pick the right group to join. After first three weeks, the Sun moves into your solar twelfth house when the pace will slow down, and you will become more introspective valuing your privacy and solitude. The twelfth house also holds our deepest fears and can reveal any hidden forces that work against us. Some of you may step back from things and people a little while others may withdraw completely and move into solitary pursuits in the end of this month.

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